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Create a Campaign


After Creating a lead you can create a campaign to customize and tailer made conversation depending on your audience needs.

Use cases

  • Tailer made conversations.
  • Ready to go templates.
  • Iframe a campaign on your website so you can capture data of your customer quicker.

API Documentation

Environment Documentation Link

How to

  1. Choose a campaign template
  2. Create a campaign
  3. Embed or mail to targets

Choose a campaign template

First of all checkout all existing campaign templates.


curl -X GET \
    "https://$HOST/v1/api/campaign-templates" \
    Authorization:"Apikey $API_TOKEN"
curl -X GET \
    "https://$HOST/v1/api/campaign-templates" \
    Authorization:"Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN"


    "items": [
            "id": "16d382d9-e74c-44c8-9091-e027dd532945",
            "key": "WEBSITE",
            "name": "Website",
            "description": "Collect information from prospects and customers via a pop-up or link on your website.",
            "flow_type": "ADVISORY_CONVERSATION",
            "flow_title": "Sales conversation",
            "flow_id": "97f9d89e-2c28-49e8-a6f2-0f25e89b42c8",
            "audience": "BROAD_AUDIENCE",
            "personalisation": false,
            "price": null,
            "category": "LEAD_GENERATION",
            "tooltip": "Obtain sufficient information on one or more specific types of insurance with the aim of making offers quickly and easily.",
            "pages": [
            "href": "",
            "sharing_option": "WEBSITE_POPUP",
            "country": null

Create a campaign


To create a campaign you will need a template id -> GET /v1/api/campaign-templates

Extending the journey

After creating a campaign, you can:

  • Capture events here